Pyramid Parts was born in 1998 from a former Motorcycle Dealership and Kawasaki Franchise in the United Kingdom. Over the past decade the business has developed to the stage where we are the market leader in many of the products we manufacture. We have our own distribution warehouses in the UK and in New Zealand as well as a network of independent dealers throughout the world (United States, Europe and Australia) all able to get the correct parts to you in a short time.

After years of searching for quality parts for customers bikes and finding major issues with quality, inacuracy and supply chains we decided to develop our own products. We started off with suspension parts and after a few years of development and sourcing only the finest of materials, we launched our first 'Pyramid Parts' product 'Fork Oil Seals'.  All of our seals are specifically designed for motorcycle forks (not just general shaft seals) and they have higher tolerences and lower stiction (less contact friction) than any others on the market. From here we moved on to Brake Pads, Clutches, Cables, and the list goes on... Each of our products are given the same care and attention from the start and of course they are all backed by our NO QUIBBLE REFUND OR EXCHANGE GUARANTEE.

Our Principle and belief is simple, we believe our customers deserve the best, not only the best product but the best service and price. We pride ourselves on having customers that come back time and time again for different parts as well as giving recommendations to others. Because we are all (mainly) bikers here we know how important it is to get it right and to get the best products you can. We ALWAYS put the customer first and will do all we can to meet our customers needs.

In short we stand for:-

  • Quality of our Products
  • Quality of our Service
  • Fast Order Turnaround
  • 100% Stock Levels
  • No Quibble Guarantee
  • Personal Friendly Assistance
  • Best price and quality

 We are here to help, let us know what you need if you cant find it in our store, we will do our best to either get it for you or point you in the right direction.

We look forward to your order.


Nik Walker