Seal Size ID x OD x Height (mm) 


26x36x10.5 35x47x7 41.7x55x8/10
26x37x10.5 35x47x7/10 41.7x55x10/10.5
27x37x7.5/9.5 35x48x11 41x51x6
27x39x10.5 35x48x13/14.5 41x53x8/10.5
28x38x7 35x48x8 41x54x11
28x40x7 36x46x7/9 43x52.7x9.5x10.3
30x40.5x10.5 36x48x8/9.5 43x54x9.5/10
30x42x10.5 36x48x10.5/11 43x54x11
31x43x10.3 37.8x48x6/6.5 43x55x9.5
31x43x12.5 37x48x10.5/12 43x55x10.5/12
32x42x8/9 37x49x8 45x57x11
32x43x12.5 37x50x11 45x58x8.5/11
32x44x10.5 38.6x48x7 46x58.1x9.5/11.5
32x47x7 38x50x8/9.5 47x58x10
33x43x9 38x50x10.5 47x61x11
33x44x9 38x52x11 48x57.7x9.5/10.3
33x45x10.5/12 39x51x8/10.5 48x58x8.5
33x45x8 39x52x11 48x58x10.5
33x46x10.5 40x49.5x7/9.2 49x60x10
34x46x10.5 40x52x10/10.5 50x59.6x7/10.5
35x47x10.5 40x52x7 50x63x11

All of our fork seals are made from the very best 'Low Stiction' material and where applicable are tripple lipped and double sprung. Our seals have been developed specifically for motorcycles and will out perform most seals on the market including OEM Seals.

Each Kit Includes:- 2x Fork Oil Seals & Fitment Grease

Our Pyramid Parts ® 'Red Rubber Grease', when used correctly this grease will greatly increase the life of your seals (up to 3x OEM in our trials).

Note: The Pyramid Parts ® 'Red Rubber Grease' is specifically designed to 'Grab' dust and dirt that passes via your dust seals/boot and keep it there avoiding it getting through to the fork oil seals. We recommend that the grease is spread evenly on the underside of your fork dust seals/boots (not on the oil seals). Do not apply it directly to the oil seals as you don't want dirt kept around the oil seals (stuck in the grease) as this will ruin them quicker.
 It is also recommended to change the fork dust seals at the same time as the oil seals, please see our Combo Kits for special deals.
Honda Motorcycles Kawasaki Motorcycles Suzuki Motorcycles Yamaha Motorcycles
Aprilia Motorcycles BMW Motorcycles Ducati Motorcycles Fantic Motorcycles    

 Your model not listed? email us, we will do them!


All of our Fork Oil Seals are backed by our NO Quibble Guarantee and installation instructions can be found in our 'Fitment Guide' section.